<h2>Pengteh Industrial Co Ltd</h2> <h3>Company Name:</h3><p>Pengteh Industrial Co Ltd</p> <h3>Tel:</h3><p>882-2-22224203</p> <h3>Fax:</h3><p>882-2-22224211</p> <h3>Email:</h3><p></p> <h3>Website:</h3><p>www.pengtehfasteners.com</p> <h3>Country:</h3><p>Taiwan</p> <h3>State:</h3><p></p> <h3>City:</h3><p>New Taipei City</p> <h3>Zip/Postal Code:</h3><p>23586</p> <h3>Address:</h3><p>13F., No.872, Zhongzheng Rd., Zhonghe Dist.,New Taipei City 23586, Taiwan (R.O.C.)</p> <h3>Main Product:</h3><p>Rivet Screw Machine Screw Assemblies Plastic Screws Special Parts</p> <h3>Company Profile:</h3><p><p>Established in 1988,&nbsp;Pengteh Industrial Co Ltd as a professional manufacturer specializing in various kinds of fastener. Our product range includes&nbsp;AUTOMOTIVE FASTENERS,&nbsp;MULTI-STAGE SCREWS &amp; PARTS,&nbsp;<span id="DataListQuery_ctl00_DataList1_ctl02_lblEName">SHOULDER SCREWS(BOLTS),&nbsp;<span id="DataListQuery_ctl00_DataList1_ctl03_lblEName">SPECIAL STAINLESS STEEL SCREWS,&nbsp;TRIANGULAR THREAD and so on. And our products are widely used in many kinds of industries such as automotive industry, furniture industry, machine tool industry and more.</span></span></p> <p>With more 27 years of manufacturing experience,&nbsp;we have exported our products to many countries around the world such as&nbsp;USA, Canada, Euro units, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, India, Thailand. We have good reputation among both domestic and international customers.</p></p>